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Seven Deadly Sins of Kin

Written on July 07, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Pride, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, and Lust is no longer made by human alone. Even huge manufacturers and their products do it.

Not only problems behind the machinations of Microsoft Kin was one big reason of which causes the discontinuation of its production. miscues are responsible for this occurrence. Here are Microsoft Kin’s seven deadly .

  1. Pride: Tricking the interface of Windows Phone 7’s top-layer tiles for the Kin is perhaps the most menacing sign of Kin’s failure. Microsoft made the user interface pleasing by using the words “the Loop” and “the Spot.” The company even cited an extensive research with the Upload Generation as evidence that the generalist approach of “other” smartphones wasn’t a good solution. Unfortunately though, Kin made far too many friends in the market.

  2. Envy: Both Microsoft and Google were drawn with what can achieve with its iPhone at some level of integration. To have a heavier hand in the design of handsets is what drove Google to create the One and also pushed Microsoft to bring the Microsoft Kin into life.

  3. Wrath: Due to the fact that Kin can not compete with more capable smartphones available at , Windows Mobile reboot the Windows Phone 7. This result to Kin’s introduction without all the support from an app marketplace.

  4. Sloth: Kin lacked functionality that are embraced by the social network sites users. Kin doesn’t have a calendar or an instant messaging application as well as Flickr for images and YouTube for videos. Instead, Microsoft plugged in its own Windows Live services and had only fair support for social networking space including Facebook and Twitter.

  5. Greed: Greed was so obvious the moment Microsoft decided to enter the hardware market while trying to push Windows Phone 7 to licenses. Microsoft and Sharp cut back on Kin’s on-board storage with its ill-designed hardware. The Kin One in particular had a 2.5 inch screen that will require an endless scrolling for a user when browsing.

  6. Gluttony: Wanting to get Verizon to offer pretty good deal for Kin data certainly didn’t help with Microsoft’s cause to automatically backup rich media to the Kin studio website. Though the -based web interface allowed Microsoft and Sharp to minimize the amount of on-device storage, constant backing up of high-resolution and even standard definition videos still requires a lot of bandwidth. This makes it difficult for Verizon to justify a “light” data usage for Kin consumers.

  7. Lust: Microsoft obviously want to get its hands into the pockets of what they call “upload generation” using the Kin handsets – the type of market where smartphone is proven to be elusive. One great mistake here however is that the Kin data plan is similar to those smartphones at Verizon. Therefore, it drove away those who like digital sharing.

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