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Firefox 4 Beta 1: Are we ready for the FUTURE?

Written on July 08, 2010 by Charles Bass

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"Performance is a huge, huge, huge thing for us. We created the performance story, and we've got to keep at it." -- In an accompanying blog post he reinforces his point saying he wants Firefox 4 to be "super-duper fast."

While Google intensifies our engines and is boasting about Safari 5’s express skills, had quicken the release of their latest version of Firefox. Which makes them release their first of Firefox 4, sooner than expected.

The latest version of the known surging browser is packed with heavenly new features, with add-ons manager for categorizing all the extras in one single space, High Definition using Google’s new format and crash protection to stop add-ons ruining your surf time.

This new update in Mozilla’s Firefox browser is offering us speed at its peak which means less time consumed on worthless things and more surfing and browsing.

“Performance is a huge, huge, huge thing for us,” said Mike Beltzner, vice president of engineering for Firefox, in a Webcast on Tuesday about plans for the browser.

“We created the performance story, and we’ve got to keep at it.” — In an accompanying blog post he reinforces his point saying he wants Firefox 4 to be “super-duper fast.”

This very first version of beta from Mozilla, a , open-source web browser channels some visual differences like tabs on the top ala Chrome, and an Opera-like button instead of a menu bar. And as it supports Google WebM HTML5 video format, it allocates plug-ins like Flash to a different process for the better protection against the crashes and gives users extensive JavaScript performance. The Firefox 4 also executes a new Extension system known as JetPack, that makes coding Extensions ease to build and use.

But as first timers, keep in mind that this is the first beta, and as it shows us new look and abilities of the browser, Mozilla has even more planned, including setting and history syncing, GPU acceleration like that in IE9, more JavaScript performance optimizations, OS X and Linux themes, and new privacy controls.

Things such are glorious goals, but we still ask this: Can Firefox compete in a world wherein Chrome was making browser market ablaze, Microsoft is working top speed, Internet Explorer is always soaring and Opera continuously leads us with groundbreaking features like Unite and Turbo?

However, Mozilla Firefox has all its supporters from all over the world and never fails to deliberately give the users satisfaction they need in Web browsing.

In the end it is the users who will decide if this is a high-end experience or not.

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