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Sony CyberShot Introduces New Babies

Written on July 08, 2010 by Charles Bass

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The time has come for Sony to amplify and enliven its Cyber-shot lineup. Sony gives birth to its new "babies": Cybershot T99 built with 14.1 mega pixels and the WX5 and TX9 with 12.2 mega pixels.

The time has come for to amplify and enliven its Cyber-shot lineup. gives birth to its “babies”: Cyber-shot built with 14.1 mega-pixels, the and TX9 with 12.2 mega-pixels. These three “babies” of Sony features BIONZ processors and a 32MB internal memory.

The T99 is your resident underwater-capable , making you shoot sweeping panorama shots underwater as well as 720p 30fps High definition Videos. For an upgrade of this unit, the TX9 is the right for you. You can capture fantastic moments while under the deep sea because it is snorkeling friendly, given that it can also acclaim a Full HD 1080i video recording, a Sweep Multi angle ala style imagination, and the sweep panorama with NEX series. Imagine: underwater scene on . Amazing, isn’t it?

Another outstanding feature is the DSLR effect of this gadget. TX9 enables you to defocus the background and sharpen the foreground of an image. Time-saving for Photoshop editing.

Now if you are opt to disclaim the water resistance for a zooming 5x optical zoom and Sony G lens while opting for the magical 3D tricks of TX9, you would get the WX5. Same package but read: NO WATER please!

As of the current time, still no tag prices for these items. But here’s a sneak peak and a trivia: This Magical Smashing Trio will find its way on stores in mid- September.

“Akihabara News is reporting these cameras also support TransferJet. Additionally, AV Watch has listed some expected prices for , so without further ado: the WX5 for 35,000 yen (about $400), the TX9 for 45,000 yen ($512), and the T99 for a more budget-friendly 29,000 yen ($330).”

Everything is worth the wait.

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