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iPod Touch 4th Gen carries a 5 Megapixel Camera

Written on July 09, 2010 by Charles Bass

1 person reports that known UK retailer John Lewis gives what believes to be the newly refreshed 4th generation of iPod Touch by Apple to be released this coming September. reports that known UK retailer John Lewis gives what believes to be the newly refreshed 4th generation of Touch by to be released this coming . This information was brought to public at the company’s “Christmas in July” event in London, based on rumors coming from the suppliers. While this information is fairly full of speculations, it is still gaining adherence as of the moment.
According to John Lewis, the next generation of will be equipped with a 5 megapixel camera with as well as the HD video streaming and recording capacities of iPhone 4. But Apple didn’t confirmed the use of a front-facing camera. Instead, it was mentioned that Apple’s FaceTime video calling feature will be included, making such a necessity for camera. The retailer then claims that the iPod Touch will gain a gyroscope, as with iPhone 4, for much more sensitivity in games, augmented reality and other applications.

There is still no news if this Gen of iPod will also adopt the high-resolution “Retina” just like iPhone 4, although many believe that Apple will likely ensure improvements for their iPod line. Another question left unanswered was the brains that will be used to make the device work, but Apple will almost certainly shift to the in-house Apple A4 system-on-a-chip used in the iPad and iPhone 4.

It is interesting to note that the current iPod touch had been widely expected to carry a rear-facing camera similar to that found in the iPhone 3GS, but the feature, which was seen in multiple prototypes of the device, was removed before the design was finalized. While the reason for the removal of the camera from the final iPod touch design has never been officially confirmed, it appears that Apple may have discovered that the device’s thinner profile compared to that of the iPhone did not allow enough room for the higher-quality rear-facing camera found in the iPhone 3GS and felt that an iPod nano-style low-resolution camera taking video only was not an acceptably performing feature in such a device.”

There is still no assurance that the new gen of iPod Touch will have the same camera face similar with iPhone 4, as the camera module appears to be thick. This could be solved by making the device thicker which will allow more such as the enlargement of the battery size. However, Apple is still undecided to sacrifice the sleek of iPod Touch. The company can just adopt the squared feature of iPhone 4 to provide additional space for their device.

In weighing the next-generation iPod touch’s camera chances with design challenges in mind, it in fact appears that a front-facing camera may be even more likely than a rear-facing camera. The lower-resolution front-facing camera found on the iPhone 4 would certainly be thin enough to fit into the iPod touch’s existing profile and would deliver FaceTime video calling capabilities, an important feature for the Wi-Fi only device.”

This news about iPod Touch will definitely make people wait for its new generation instead of getting the iPhone 4.

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