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IFC and Huffington Post Launches Location Layers with Foursquare

Written on July 09, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Start looking at your town through pink glasses with Foursquare's Location Layers. You can now walk down the nearby street and view them the way fans of IFC and Huffington Posts sees them.

The and launched a layer just this morning. This new campaign aims to let users view the town the way Huffington and sees it. For users of , they can now read tips from other users who already visited locations that they are planning to opt-in. It’s as if seeing your destination the way IFC fans sees it.

Now, you don’t just get light reviews on places but even notes like “a terrorism suspect was once arrested in this particular location.” How is that possible? It’s because the Canadian newspaper chain and World Street Journal of New York made a deal with Foursquare, tying location-based news and tidbits to specific locations as ‘tips.’ The Huffington Post and IFC also enable users to have publisher’s comments pushed to them. Just follow these publishers, check in near one of the locations they’ve annotated, and your phone will get special tips. It’s similar to a friend that gave you an advice about the location near you. It’s cool how IFC crowd-sources its data and how this organization mobilizes its constituents to mark-up the physical world like this. Though sparse as of the moment, Huffington Post Foursquare page will parse its location and will populate it with XML. Imagine that!

Crazy isn’t it? And that’s only the start of the fun in seeing the world through the eyes of your favorite organization.

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