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GamePark’s GP2X Canoo on us this AUGUST!

Written on July 12, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Missing may have been a sin and we already committed one. was at E3 2010 force with it brand new gaming portable handheld console under the name Caanoo. Though its just the same 533MHz ARM9 processor as its old prototype, still it has a doubled memory of 128MB and was added a dedicated 3D GPU to give power to a larger screen of 3.5 inches all full touch. Sega-like buttons were out of place as well as joystick because there are these Touchy D-pads and an accelerometer and vibration functions for a modicum of enhanced control.When you’re not loading open-source games, the system supports the usual array of photos and music as well as , XviD and , and the company claims an official SDK and app store are on the way if you want to roll additional software yourself. Shame you’ll have to use a dongle to download anything. The company expects to ship August 15 for $150 to importers like Play-Asia, making it viable competition for the lumbering Pandora. Find videos of the Caanoo in action after the break, and more at GamePark’s official page.

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