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Category: Apple Videos

New Ads for iPhone 4′s FaceTime

Written on July 12, 2010 by Adam Eve

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A new campaign has been released to promote the FaceTime feature of iPhone 4. But what's the catch?

Four new TV commercials were released by to promote the features of their iPhone 4. Though the ads depict that old-school video call will never be the same again with iPhone 4, it doesn’t mention what you’ll need to experience the emotional stuff can offer. For one, it doesn’t say that both parties must have an iPhone 4. And secondly, that it must connect to Wi-Fi to let do what it’s suppose to do. But with Apple’s long history of bringing about intelligent ad campaigns, the new campaigns will surely affect the volume of sales. Plus, these four new ads can be a proof of what the future will be with or without the help of iPhone 4.

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