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Linux Mandriva Releases its Spring 2010 Version

Written on July 12, 2010 by Adam Eve

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They have drained some money before. But Mandriva will definitely hit the market with its Linux Mandriva Spring 2010 version.

Linux vendor Mandriva announced that its version is now available. The is an updated version of its desktop Linux distribution. Originally planned to be shipped at the beginning of June, the launching was moved to last week due to serious financial difficulties that can put the future of the company in danger. Fortunately, the version has been released after some investors bailed out the company, making the continuation of the development efforts to be possible.

Mandriva’s financial crumble began when the growing broadband market made it easy for Linux users to download free distributions over the internet. The company filed bankruptcy in 2003, but was able to recover on the following year and even acquired Conectiva and Lycoris.

After the June announcement that the Spring 2010 release would be delayed, rumors emerged that the company is in the verge of shutting down and desperately looking for a buyer. However, no sale took place because Mandriva’s CEO secured enough funding from unknown investors.

The Mandriva Linux distribution comes in standard version and the full commercial variant. The standard version, , is a CD installer available via BitTorrent. The full commercial variant called , on the other hand, is sold through a subscription model. You can download the new version from the Mandriva Website.

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