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Microsoft Pulled the Plug for “1 vs 100”

Written on July 19, 2010 by Adam Eve

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You might be wondering when is the next live game show of 1 vs 100 on your Xbox Live. Sorry, but the show is no longer airing.

Late last week, notified the fans of via short message that they are pulling out the plug for the . It’s clear that the company is not seeing the return of investments that they were expecting. Here are some thoughts why 1 vs 100 is no longer in the scene.

It only happen at specific times: We live in a world where we do things in our own discretion. We watch TV shows on our own terms, we download our books on our Kindles or iPads, we play video games when we are in the mood. 1 vs 100 can be played whenever you wanted, but the live experience only happen at specific times on your Xbox Live or .

Each round has 101 players only: We play video games where we can be a hero and do the things that we can’t do in real life. In 1 vs 100, only 101 players are allowed to play per round that directly affects the outcome. The rest of the crowd is barely more than a background noise as they play to raise their scores in an attempt to move into the Mob. With only a few sessions per night and a single “One” chosen each round, the chances of landing in the hot seat is slim.

There wasn’t even a clear metric for success: A game show needs questions for each episode and the live host must be paid. With 1 vs 100, there is a constant trouble-shooting and upkeep. Everything was given away for free as long as you already paid for Xbox Live. It’s also hard to know how much advertisers are willing to pay for placement, especially with such an unproven format. Keeping a live show running on Xbox Live is not a simple thing. This was an expensive undertaking.

Now that Microsoft learned its mistakes, hopefully we’ll have a better version of a live game show in Xbox Live in the near future. Or perhaps the company just started to realize that such format is not feasible on the console.

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