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BlackPad — Rumors Spread!

Written on July 19, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Well iPad I think you've found your archenemy. With just its name you'll know that this is your competitor.

Well I think you’ve found your archenemy. With just its name you’ll know that this is your competitor. Introducing ’s “Baby” : . Rumors are already spread out that this new “sweetheart” carries every little thing you wish iPad has. Rodman and analyst, Ashok Kumar let’s us take a peak on the alleged specs of this classic.

Here are rumored new specs:

  • 1GHz Armada 610 processor
  • 16MP Back and Front Facing Cameras
  • HD 1080p playback
  • Enhanced 3D Graphics
  • 7-inch Touchscreen

At first we really thought that the touchscreen will be 8.9 inches. But perhaps its dedicated to the in-car Blackberry system that RIM is said to be making. Fingers crossed!

Well the rumored specs will give tension to iPad. Rumor has it that its running its own OS that can be an enhanced version of BlackBerry 6. Everything is said to release on December 2010. Let’s see how BlackBerry showers their glory.

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