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Samsung Galaxy Phones: The Next iPhone Rivals

Written on July 27, 2010 by Adam Eve

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The war started between Apple's iPhone and Google's Android. But summer will be hotter with Samsung's Galaxy S phones. Who will be crowned as the best smartphone in the world?

The war of super smartphones continues to heat up, and at the moment, the war is just between ’s iPhone and ’s Android. These hand-held computers, typically costs around $200, are things most consumers crave for despite the weak economy. In fact, and HTC is struggling to meet the demands of the consumers.

Now, will be shipping out an impressive new line of iPhone competitors that run on Android – the Series. even managed to get all four top US wireless carriers to start selling them this summer.

The first two Galaxy S phones – Vibrant and AT&T Captivate – don’t have all the features of Apple’s latest model, like front-facing camera or ultra-high resolution screen, but they are worthy competitors. These phones have some attributes that iPhone lacks though, like bigger screens and better social networking integration. Both phones costs $200 with a two year contract.

T-Mobile Vibrant has rounded corners and a prominent border that makes it look very much similar to last year’s iPhone 3GS model. AT&T Captivate, on the other hand, is more angular, sleeker, longer and lighter. The two phones share the same battery, but Vibrant claims better battery life. It was good, though the phones lasted through an average day of varied use. Both phones are multi-touch devices that doesn’t have physical keyboards. However, Sprint’s version, the Epic, will have a slide-out physical keyboard and a front-facing camera.

It is a challenge for Android phone makers to differentiate their models from others that offers the same operating system. Samsung made it by combining a design that is as thin as the iPhone 4 and with a four-inch screen. It’s bigger compare to iPhone’s 3.5 inch display but smaller than the 4.3 inch screen of Evo and Motorola Droid X.

Phone calls on both models are crisp and clear, and the reception on the AT&T model was about the same as on the iPhone 4. The -5-egapixel camera takes sharp photos, and also did fine job with high definition videos. The screen on the Galaxy S phones uses a different called Super AMOLED. Samsung claims that it has better color reproduction, outdoor visibility, contrast and brightness.

Users can also add Samsung widgets like Buddies Now that quickly allows access to your closest contacts. There’s also the Social Hub, which integrates social networking updates and media with contact entries. Software performance in every function is snappy.

Another nice thing on Samsung models is its 16 gigabytes internal memory, plus its two gigabytes removable memory card. Samsung also says that the phone can hold up to two gigabytes of third-party apps. The two Samsung models offer about 65,000 third-party apps including Kindle E-book reader and Facebook.

The drawback on Galaxy S models is that it doesn’t come with a program like iTunes. You plug your phone into a computer for manual transfer of files though, but this only works smoothly on Windows PC. You must turn on something called “USB debugging” to make this work on Macs. The search, home and other buttons found in the lower panel of the screen is something that you can’t go crazy about. It’s not easily visible until you touch the panel and light the buttons up. In effect, you have to touch the buttons twice.

Still, for consumers who prefer Android or who would rather not be in AT&T, the Galaxy S phones might be an appealing alternative for iPhone.

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