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HP Slate Goes to the Enterprise This Fall, Not to the Consumer Market

Written on July 30, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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The Windows 7 tablet slipped from the hands of the consumers even before they got a hold of it. HP Slate is not going to the consumer market this fall, but it is still definitely going somewhere...

There was something mysterious about the silence in the part of the Slate pushers for a while. Personal Systems Group VP Todd Bradley broke the silence by confirming that the will no longer be available for consumers – it will be “more customer-specific than broadly deployed” and will rather be launched this fall for the enterprise.

The Windows-based tablet has been going through “customer evaluations”, as reported by HP the previous week. This could be the result of those previously mentioned ongoing evaluations: will be catering to the enterprise as HP and create webOS for the consumer market. This is assumed because of the additional comments of Bradley and Palm head Jon Rubinstein. Well, let us see if HP Slate will surpass once it got out in whichever market.

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