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Will Windows Phone 7 Have AT&T As Its Premier Carrier?

Written on July 31, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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AT&T is claiming it bigtime: "We will be Windows Phone 7's premier carrier." We will have to see that until the arrival of WP7 in the market, as there have been no reported verification messages coming from Microsoft itself.

is all abuzz about the coming of to the network. The mobile operator claims it will be “the” premier carrier of the anticipated -based smartphone once it arrives in the market. There are news of AT&T signing up for 8 million pieces of the . With the reported unsure relations between Microsoft and market leader Verizon, the competitor could have the chance to make true its claim.

AT&T can attribute its growth mostly to iPhones, but is this just the way of the network to go around iPhone, and , with which it has weaved unstable relations – by striking another big deal with an upcoming rival phone?

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