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The Verdict for Samsung Galaxy S Phones

Written on August 02, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Samsung is making its way to the smartphone battle arena with its T-Mobile Vibrant and AT&T Captivate. Read on to see if the Galaxy S mobiles is up for the competition.

is paving its way with its new Android-based smartphone. Leaving aside the single-carrier trend of most Android devices, Samsung is releasing a version of the for each of the four major carriers. The has been released for T-mobile as and AT&T as Captivate. ’s and Verizon’s will be getting their versions of the new smartphone soon. Droid X, HTC Evo 4G and the rumored Droid 2 are not the only players in town, as the Korean electronics giant gave the forerunners a heavy competition.

The Hardware

While industrial design for the Galaxy S phones varies based from the carriers, all contain a 4-inch Super AMOLED display and 1GHZ “Hummingbird” processor. The phone also includes a 512MB memory and a 16GB internal storage, plus it can take up to 32GB of MicroSD card.

The Galaxy S include Bluetooth 3.0, a micro USB connector and a removable battery.

The device is also lightweight and appear to be thinner than iPhone 4, but it’s actually slightly thicker. The battery cover has a really nice texture too. But it’s very unsubstantial even if being lightweight is great.

The most awesome feature of the phone is its screen. Samsung’s Super AMOLED display is beautifully bright and well saturated. With a 480×800 resolution, the icons and texts appear large and clear. The 4-inch screen size is a nice compromise between the 3.7 inch display of iPhone 4 and Nexus One and the larger screens of Droid X and EVO 4G.

The Software

The Galaxy S is shipped with Android 2.1 or Eclair. Like other smartphone vendors, Samsung has its own skinned approach to Android. These are minor changes, but a few distract a bit from the OS and seem to slow things down.

The notification menu has built in on-and-off buttons for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, sound and vibrate. For the home screen, you can have up to seven screen and you can even delete unused screens. Samsung also has its own collection of widgets including “Daily Briefing” and “Feeds and Updates.” Daily Briefing contains new from AP, the local weather and the selected stock quotes. Feeds and Updates gives you an easy access to your Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, and you can select which networks you want to activate. Posting updates to one or multiple networks from the widget is also possible.

Because of the Android 2.1, Flash support is not available for Galaxy S. But the browser quickly executes and videos from YouTube apps play well.

Stills and Videos

Though it comes with a 5-megapixel camera, it’s not as good as iPhone 4. The lack of LED flash is the biggest drawback of Galaxy S. The actual lux level of the camera is poor and the best shots are those taken in direct sunlight.

The “tap to focus” and camera interface is pretty nice and it matches those of the company’s digital camera. You can apply in-camera effects, panorama stitching, burst photo mode and self-timers. You can do digital zooming, but it’s better left alone.

Talking about the video, the camera can record in 720p resulting to a crisp and clear video but then again, it’s not as good as the iPhone. And since the phone is lightweight, the camera picks up every little shake.

Final Judgment

The Samsung Galaxy S phone is an awesome phone. It executes clear call quality, and fast data connections to load apps and web pages. But Samsung should have left the Android aspects on the software side alone. However, the TouchWiz is am improvement.

The screen is second to iPhone 4, and the quality of and videos are just fine. If you’re looking for a new smartphone – especially an Android phone – try to check out Galaxy S. It is one of the best and nicest smartphone on the market. What’s more exciting is that the galaxy S is going be available virtually everywhere. This device will get lots of adoption overseas, and hopefully, it will spur further growth and development of Android.

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