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Android G1 Says Farewell

Written on August 04, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Good old G1 from T-Mobile bids goodbye to us.

After serving us with Operating Systems, T-Mobile’s is now saying farewell to all of us. It has been an unfortunate ending to Fanatics, but we’re moving on. As we all know the HTX built in G1 is the first ever Phone and it has been a novelty. Today, as we are swimming in the sea of phones, there more to choose from better than the good old G1.

G1 was a great hit during its era. It gave iPhone a shake. But as updated iPhone, G1 remain the 528MHz processor with a 480×320 resolution display and a tiny internal storage space. The evolution took place after that. Now we are all looking forward to the newest Android based phones just like One, , HTC EVO 4G and .

G1 is no longer available in the market. It has been a memory long gone for T-Mobile USA and Amazon.

Let us bow our heads and whisper “Thanks” to the Android that started it all. For now it remains a memory. We will miss you G1.

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