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Android Outshines Apple: The Battle Continues

Written on August 04, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Based on the latest statistics, Google Android OS takes the lead over Apple iOS.

Looks like has something to say. According to the newest data from Nielsen, smartphones running ’s OS smashed down Apple’s iOS on the first 6 months of 2010 by 27% and 23% for Apple. These are merely from US market alone. Series of data from NPD showed the same results when claimed 28% of smartphone sales, while Apple’s got only 21%.

With all fairness to Apple’s iPhone 4, it was released last week of July, it might be closer to Android if it was released earlier.

The competition continues, as Android develops more and more devices to outshine iPhone 4. It gains a market share on the US of 886% of shipments all over the year world-wide. Wow!

Apple’s marketing strategy is very different with Android. Apple is the only known manufacturer of iOS which solely offers the device to . It doesn’t alarm Apple much because as far as they are concern because there are more to go for these Google mobile .

The data submitted by Nielsen has something to say about 21% of Android users are planning on switching to iPhone.Those who own iPhone were likely to switch. There might be changes once iPhone is delivered by a different carrier. Let’s see where this battle leads.

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