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[Review] Inside the Apple Magic Trackpad

Written on August 04, 2010 by Adam Eve

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It's sleek, and produces tactile functions. And it says: "Just as you would on a MacBook." But compare to MacBook Trackpad, is there something that you wouldn't like about Apple Magic Trackpad?

First, let’s talk about the appearance. The is a sleek representation in aluminun, plastic and glass. It has a wider area than a MacBook , that allows more than 80 percent of multi touch gesture. After removing it from the package, all you have to do is press the power button, and voila! Your Trackpad is recognized by any Bluetooth-enabled Mac, even on Windows. However, the gestures is available only for OS X 10.6.4 Software on Intel Macs.

The whole surface is the hardware itself. Approximately four-by-five inches of tactile glass, it is intended to follow function. At the bottom of the device are two, rubber feet in effect for left and right mouse buttons. Clicking the corners provide touchable feedback. Flip the trackpad on the side and you’ll see its less-than-an-inch thickness, excluding the cylindrical housing meant for two AA batteries. One end holds the power button, and the other can be unscrewed for battery access. The Magic Trackpad fits perfectly for the , only it’s not a mouse.

Its lack of precision compare to a $5-off mouse can be annoying. Even if precision is not an issue, no Trackpad can move as smooth as a computer mouse. It is a portability compromise for a MacBook. But if we’re going to compare it to a MacBook trackpad, it’s definitely out of the league.

What matters is how you use the Trackpad. The MacBook trackpad is well-integrated in front of the keyboard, allowing for thumb or finger movement and two-handed usage. Someone using a Magic Trackpad cannot drag a file by clicking with a finger on one hand, and dragging on the other. Yes, you can use the three-finger swipe by preferences, but you will lose the navigation swipe. Try placing the Magic Trackpad in front of your keyboard, and it will just bother you. To solve this problem, just put the device beside your keyboard.

With portability as the next big thing, the Magic Trackpad is something that we cannot recommend. Unless the Magic Keyboard can make its way here.

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