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Play Games on Kindle 2, Let Kindle 1 Rest

Written on August 04, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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Perhaps it is a version issue. Amazon has released two word-creation games available for download for your Kindle--well, not everybody's Kindles.

We know that wants to maintain Kindle’s primary reputation as a reading device. But as of today, the company has published two word-power booster games, and , for Kindle users’ recreation.

Both are supposed to be available, free of charge, to two generations of Kindle. But while users are enjoying scrambling their tiles or disposing of their letters now, the earliest Kindle users are wondering why the games have not shown up on their device. Even when it can be downloaded anytime from Whispernet. Even when you do not have to connect the wireless to be able to play. Whatever good reason there is to get entertained by a game on Kindle will not make users share the fun as of the moment. Perhaps Kindle’s first generation is turning old for playing games, not to mention there is another generation in the midst of conception that will soon put it to rest, maybe, just maybe.

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