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The New Kindle’s Microphone

Written on August 04, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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The press release did mention that the e-Book reader equips users with 3G power. A closer look at the user guide points to the tiny feature that can make dreams of face-to-face conference come true. Well, who could have imagined a video call possibility without the presence of a microphone?

It is a sweet addition to the banner features of the New (remember, snappy screen, increased storage, and longer battery life?). And it is a smart number did there–perhaps they were already seeing users benefiting from the feature as well.

But the feature will remain dormant until Amazon decides to activate it. While its fellow pleasurable yet unheralded features will come in handy with the third generation of Kindle, stuff like the Oxford Dictionary of English for the UK version, the device manual indicates that the microphone is currently disabled but is provided for future use.

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