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Coming this Spring 2011, Torchlight 2

Written on August 05, 2010 by Adam Eve

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The hidden gem of E3 lets you choose your hero to have an adventure of high end arts, design, and action. If you're a fan of RPG, Torchlight 2 can be for you. This coming Spring 2011, the Ember will call you. Got a way to answer?

After a long tease on their official site, Torchlight 2 is finally coming in Spring 2011 with few upgrades from the original. The game will not just be multi player, it will also include LAN support, online play and free peer-to-peer services to search for other gamers to play with. You can now pick characters from four classes, and customize them by aesthetics, gender, skill path and loot. Runic Games promises a new user interface, so if you are new to the game you will have no problem with the functions.

Torchlight 2 has expanded, improved setting to explore with weather, day cycle and random events. The arbitrary dungeons, with even more branching paths, is filled with indefinite adventures, rewards and dangers that can give gamers extra experience and rare loot. The retirement system is another addition to the game. Players can take their character to a certain level, then they can “retire” them to give benefits and perks that can be transformed to new characters. This is a great option if you want your adventure going.

The updated version of TorchEd is also included with the launching. This allows players to make their own mods or add content to the main world. But if you want to have a break, just relax by one of the many fishing holes and see what advantage the fishes can give you.

Runic Games’ Wonder Russell pointed out that they want to make Torchlight widely available. No wonder the first game was attractive with its video card hassle-free and design with a price of $20. They seem to understand the idea of lower priced, high quality games. More details will be released at on August 22, so check our site frequently.

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