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Know More About BlackBerry 6

Written on August 05, 2010 by Adam Eve

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No matter how weird the BlackBerry Torch 9800 looks like, it sure is a bang with its new OS. What makes BlackBerry 6 a sensation for smartphone owners? Read on to find out.

Research in Motion’s is out with its new handset and new mobile operating system. This can be the company’s key to salvation. So what exactly is 6? is a major upgrade for BlackBerry users. Though BB5 was a bit faster than its predecessors, the huge change were just cosmetic. The BlackBerry 6, featured in BlackBerry Torch 9800, will also come to Bold 9700, Bold 9650 and Pearl 3G, as well the as the upcoming handsets.

System Wide Multitouch

This is the most striking feature of the new OS and it supports touch screen commands. Every application has a corresponding Action Menu. This allows you to bring up common tasks to choose from by pressing down the touchpad, or clicking and holding the trackpad.

WiFi Media Sync

Its WiFi Media Sync capabilities can be considered as ’s biggest change. With handling media as BlackBerry’s waterloo, the BB6 has taken a pole position. You can view your entire iTunes or music library, create and edit playlist and download songs on your phone.

Lightning Speed Browser

The WebKit browser is one of the many major upgrades for BlackBerry. It’s fast enough to beat iOS4 and 2.1, instantly making BlackBerry as one of the fastest mobile browser available.

Social Feeds

In order to be seen as more than just an enterprise phone manufacturer, BlackBerry 6 brings you Social Feed. It brings together Facebook, Twitter and BBM into single feed, and let’s you post to all of them at once.

More Upgrades

What makes BlackBerry 6 stand out against its rivals? It’s a seat at the table with its universal search, improved media player and customizable home screen icons.

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