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Pre-orders for Infinite Memory Flash Drive is Now Ongoing

Written on August 05, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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Infinitec finally announces yesterday --all the way from the company's Dubai headquarters-- that its first-in-the-market USB is now open for pre-orders worldwide.

Touted as the Next Generation of Flash Drive, the Infinite USB Memory Drive or is capable of storing your files up to, well, infinity. This device can share files with any locally networked hard drive or storage device without end. Amazingly, as you add up storage for , all you get is more room for a single file or an entire hard drive. is extremely excited then to unveil to the world “something this complex and innovative [that has] been made as simple and easy to use as an MP3 player.”

Not only does this device offer unlimited storage, it also makes sharing as seamless as possible. Now two parties sharing one file will not have to go through the frills of transferring the device from one computer to another, as long as they are locally networked. Infinitec is also thrilled to announce the other breakthrough feature of its $129 creation: the . Learn more about this feature in the company’s press release below. By the way, to place your pre-orders just log on to And if you do that fast and furious, you will be given free worldwide shipping on August 31.

Here is the press release announcing the opening of the company’s site for IUM pre-orders:

Dubai, 1 August 2010: Infinitec has opened its website to pre-orders for the world’s first Infinite USB Memory Drive (IUM). The product that was first seen at CES in January 2010 has since been highly anticipated by electronics and media enthusiasts. Although the company has been hit by some industry delays, customers can now finally place their pre-orders by going to the company’s website ( Infinitec is giving customers who pre-order free delivery worldwide and promises to start shipping units on August 31st 2010.

Ahmad Zahran, Chief Executive Officer at Infinitec, enthusiastically explained, “We’ve been waiting for this day for a long time and preparing very hard for it. We’re extremely excited to finally be offering such a revolutionary product to the market and we hope that customers will get a sense on how much hard work has been put into it, especially into making something this complex and innovative as simple and easy to use as an MP3 player.”

The IUM is also the first consumer electronic product in the world to offer Dual-WiFi as a core feature. Dual-WiFi is the ability for a device to connect to two separate WiFi networks simultaneously. This will allow the user of the IUM to connect their computer’s WiFi to the IUM without losing their Internet connection. In essence the IUM will connect to both the user’s computer and the home/office access point simultaneously and re-route Internet traffic back to the user.

“Dual-WiFi is something that has been attempted by a few companies but never has it been done like this before,” said David McKern, Chief Marketing Officer at Infinitec. “We’ve been able to alter the DNA of WiFi networks, so to speak, to create a unique solution that gives our customers a complete and seamless experience. Without Dual-WiFi the user would have had to choose between connecting to the internet or using the IUM and this was not something we wanted for our customers.”

About Infinitec (
Infinitec is a modern developer and marketeer of innovative products and technologies. With an avant-garde vision of the future and a strong focus on simplifying our customers’ lives, the company aims to simplify the way users interact in the Digital World.

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