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Sharp to Launch its 3D Smartphone this Year

Written on August 05, 2010 by Adam Eve

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After flopping out in its last venture for Microsoft, Sharp Corp is still making its way in creating smartphones. By the end of of 2010, the company will release a 3D enabling handset. Apple must brace itself for a new competitor.

Corp wants to take ’s iPhone down by the end of the year with a plan to launch a internationally. According to a spokeswoman last Wednesday, the product will feature a 3D panel that can be viewed without special glasses. It will also likely to have a 3D capable camera. Last April, the company unveiled its 3D panel , which is suitable only for small screens.

Letting users view 3D without glasses has been a roaming tech around for quite some time now. But ’s biggest mobile maker Sharp plays a small role in the smartphone market. Their previous venture, the Kin, flopped and was canceled in the US in less than three months.

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