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Schmidt Says Android Sales Reach 200,000 Daily

Written on August 07, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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Sales-wise, lagging behind Blackberry OS and the iOS is lately becoming less of a norm to Android. The Google OS just reached phenomenal status in Q2 2010, all right.

Bumping the unbeatable Blackberry in the year’s second quarter, is now reveling in its high-water revenue percentage. Even Eric is. In a 40-minute interview last Wednesday, estimated a 200,000-sale of Android devices everyday.

Android is even making more money than the iOS, according to an earlier report this week. If this growth rate is not phenomenal, then it can only be incredibly phenomenal. At least that is how the search giant’s chief puts it. And even if does not directly benefit from Android’s revenues, Schmidt is looking at the side of possibility and sees only a brighter light. He is loving the success of the OS because it means more people have mobile where they can make more searches. And that is how gets paid anyway…however indirectly.

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