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Category: Cell Phones

Sony : Smarter is Coming

Written on August 09, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Something from Sony is coming and they say its Smarter than before.

While browsing the web for , we happen to nudge a perfectly designed Website from Style that really caught our attention. Wondering what it was, we searched and searched what’s the next best thing for .

We happen to hear from reliable mouths that this is Sony’s countdown until their much awaited launch of the X10. To give a background, the X10 or is a four-inch (again) powered .

The rumor came with an expectation that it will be an AT&T launch. But there are no gossips on what version of the OS are they going to use. But one good thing is for sure, its ready for U.S. debut. When? We can never can tell.

Numerous whisperers says that the trademark logo of is seen when opened into a photo editor and cranked up the brightness. Why don’t we check?

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