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A Fix for Android 2.2’s Terrible Audio Stream

Written on August 10, 2010 by Adam Eve

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If your audio stream sounds like Mickey Mouse in a helium, don't blame it on the service outright. Check your mobile OS because you might be using Android 2.2. And if you are, it's not about the stream. It's all about the bug waiting to be fixed.

The latest version of ’s mobile operating system, , is likely to be a tone-deaf. The OS can make your headphones sound like a tin can whenever you tune into a streaming music services (eg. Pandora or MOG). A great music that runs fine in an older version of will suddenly turn muddy. Multiple number of forum threads came up with the same complaint, and blaming a on Google Code.

According to the comments on bug report, it’s all about the switch Android made from OpenCore media framework to Stagefright. Stagefright supports HTTP progressive media streaming, though it cannot handle the AAC+ and eAAC+ media codecs. The said codecs are used by some of the most popular music streaming device. But the bug will soon be over because a fix is on its way. According to a Google Spokesperson, the bug is already fixed and they are working with their partners to update the affected Android devices.

But whether when the fix will be deployed, no time frame has been given yet. the Android team knows the problem for over a month now, and users are more likely to blame whatever service they’re listening to than the OS itself.

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