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Category: Cell Phones

Leaked 5250 to replace old 5230?

Written on August 10, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Is the old 5230 saying goodbye? With this leaked photo of 5250 phone from Nokia, we can't help but wonder.

It has been ages since we had a glimpse of T-Mobile launched ’s 5230 Nuron. And that didn’t sound much according to those who saw it. The beauty only a mother could love. And thought it was fantastic.

There came no news about the phone. Until today, Nokia has given a much prettier replacement. A leaked photo of the alleged 5230 sporting same buttons on the configuration just like old 5230, gargantuan bezel, smaller screen and a low-end touch screen.

Nokia figured out that naming their mobile phones with a four-digit number combination is so old school. So I think they’re making something in between C5 and C6.

It’s not a head turner but if they try to sell it on a $120 off contract then its really hard to ignore.

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