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Category: Mobile Technology

Blackberry Services Recoup in Saudi Arabia

Written on August 11, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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The largest Arab country in the Middle East finally cut Research in Motion (RIM, Blackberry maker) some slack Tuesday. The government-imposed ban on Blackberry was called off after RIM satisfied some of Saudi Arabia's regulatory requirements.

Saudi government threatened to boycott starting last Friday but then delayed arriving to a final decision until Monday. Following the “positive developments in the completion of part of the regulatory requirements on the part of service providers,” the country’s Communication and Information Commission (CITC) instead relented on RIM (The Wall Street Journal).

Remember that threats from mostly Middle East countries fired at the smartphone’s makers early last week. , together with United Arab Emirates, India, and other nations, filed complaints against RIM network’s strict security preventing government from monitoring communication channels that can be abused as a means to attack national security.

The developments that preceded the agreement were not disclosed, but RIM reportedly agreed to install a server in the kingdom so that the government can directly access customer data. This entails that the traditionally Canada-housed RIM server will be brought to another country and housed in a third party location.

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