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[REVIEW] How Ergonomic is the Engage Wired Optical Mouse?

Written on August 11, 2010 by Adam Eve

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The Engage wired optical mouse is comfortable to use, good looking, and reasonably priced. However, only three of the six buttons work on the Mac and it's only ideal as a spare mouse.

recently introduced the for Mac or PC. The medium-sized mouse looks larger than it feels in the hand, but it comfortably fits into any palm size. The press release or the website did not list any pixel or DPI ratings. But guessing based on the mouse’s movement and precision, it runs in a standard 400 DPI. However, the drawback is presented upon opening the package. The software in the CD is shipped on a mini-disc, which does not work on loading CD drives. Using an old Mac to load it, no Mac drivers were found. All files are for PC and Windows-related system, but it is not Windows 7 compatible either. Therefore, the compatibility is limited to two buttons and vertical scroll only.

Another problem is that the Mac OS X built-in mouse preference pane did not recognize the two programmable buttons on the side of the device. Another button is on the back of the scroll wheel, but its purpose is unknown. Without the drivers, you cannot program the mouse button, certainly reducing its usefulness. The Engage Optical Mouse also shows some odd behaviors. Holding the mouse in one position, the cursor will stutter or jump around. It will sometimes scroll the whole length of the web page instead of moving it an inch when clicking the scroll bar. Using the Photoshop CS5, the trouble comes when you select a precise pixel. You have to magnify the photo more than the usual, and this must have something to do with the DPI rating mentioned.

The Engage Wired Optical Mouse, with a retail price of $16.99, comes in a pleasing blue or black color. Even with all the disadvantages, the mouse is a reasonable spare or emergency mouse — not a primary mouse. The device also comes with a model for only $19.99, and comes in purple, red, black and bronze.

Product Manufacturer: OfficeMax (OMX Inc.)

Price: $16.99

Positive Side

  • * Ergonomic
  • * Fits well in most hands
  • * Comfortable to use
  • * Inexpensive spare mouse

Negative Side

  • * Cannot program buttons on Mac
  • * Cursor jumps around when not engaged
  • * Driver not Windows 7 compatible

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  • Anonymous

    I also want to know how Ergonomic is the Engage Wired Optical Mouse.

  • Horacec

    The ACER computer does not recognize the usb OR vVICE VERSA. Wonder if I can return it? It looks great feels great , and the price was right  but it does not work.  I nstructions says to uninstall other mouse drivers  Are they serious?  Warning  you get what you pay for!!!

  • Ghostmij17

    I purchased the mouse, and for the price, I think it works great.  I didn’t really find a need for the drivers for the longest time, but now that I want to install it, I can’t find the disk it came with :C  If you do get it, I would install the drivers before you lose the disk.  Besides that, I find it very comfortable, and have grown used to it.  Obviously, it wouldn’t work well with your left hand, though.

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