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Apple iMac: Suffering from Yellow Screen Again?

Written on August 13, 2010 by Charles Bass

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It seems that Apple isn't learning from past mistakes.

The phenomena of lives on, but as they begin to reach climax once again with the iPhone 4, news are flooding once again. The reason? The yellowish-screen issues for their tradition of .

For that issue, Apple seems to forget that this made them down before. Apple said that they already resolved the problem last February, with the previous respectively. But as we see it they forgot the lesson learned in the previous issues.

Given that majority of its users are assuring us that there are “no problems” with regards to the new iMac. There are even 80% of MacRumors users participating in a poll given by the website. Saying that the new 27-inch model is yellow-free, with all the glorious crystal quality. This might be the reason why Apple is ignoring the hysteria.

But there would be no smoke, if there is no flame, Apple.

We assure you, we would give you updates with regards to the issue.

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