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iPhone 4 Still Sought-After Despite Controversy

Written on August 14, 2010 by R. Cruise

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Demand for Apple’s iPhone4 still strong amidst “antennagate” issue.

Seven weeks after its launch, the remains in limited stocks at ’s U.S. retail stores amidst the “” issue. Its antenna problem obviously does not affect the sales of the smartphone.

Limited stocks on stores indicate that the demand for iPhone is heavy despite the controversy about the antenna. This issue started when users discovered that covering the left corner of the device will reduce its reception. This trend is not a sign of slowdown on production but better sales of the handset.

A popular analyst named Gene Munster said that, “we had expected near full in store availability in the U.S. by now, given it has been several weeks since the iPhone 4 U.S. launch (June 24). Longer than expected supply shortages are not new to the iPhone. As a point of reference, in last year’s September quarter conference call, the company indicated that iPhone supply was constrained in most countries through late Sept. or early Oct. due to better than expected demand of iPhone 3GS.”

It was recorded that iPhone 4 is the fastest selling Apple product in history selling 1.7 million units in just three days. By September, iPhone 4 will likely to sell 11 million units.

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