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Vimeo Turns Roku and HTML5-friendly

Written on August 18, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Vimeo continues to be one of the most forward-looking video-sharing sites. And now that it's HTML5-friendly and available in Roku, users will definitely search for a Vimeo service!

contents are now accessible for iPhone and , as the online community added HTML5 support to its video embeds. Despite the fact that the website itself is in HTML5, its codes remained Flash-only. As a result, it’s frustrating for mobile users and content creators who wants to be omnipresent in every devices. Vimeo’s Vice President of Product and Development, Andrew Pile, said that the video will play in any browser and will work with future platforms.

In addition to the HTML5 embed support, Vimeo will also be available to customers, making it the 50th channel accessible on the set-top box. What’s there to look forward to? The Vimeo staff’s chosen popular HD contents will be in the channel! What’s more is that users can link their accounts, so they can view their own video and personalized inbox selections. The online video community also features its new “Watch Later” option making users enjoy a collection of vids for leisure. Vimeo’s dedication to non-commercial content is a statement that it is a destination for all users. With its commitment to video quality and high bitrate, it’s great that viewers can now access clips from reading blogs to HDTV.

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