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[Review] The Magic of Fable III for XBox 360

Written on August 19, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Learn how to cast a magic spell to ward off your enemies, talk to a gnome fanatic and ghosts, take down some Hallowmen and bandits for a quest to recover a book or a stone gargoyle head. Fable III is a mixture of battle and journey, light and darkness, and the serious and the jocular.

Going hands-on to for (thanks to Gamescon), the game is more of an action-adventure compare to its predecessors — matching up its dark side with a lighter one. The comedic side of the mission is more memorable, though the combat-heavy quest was enlightening. You will learn how to combine two magic spells to produce a different effect, translating into a big blast radius. While holding down the B button will conjure a spell that can take out multiple foes. But if you want a full-force blow to a single opponent, you can direct your spell using the left analog stick. The core storyline of this mission involves disposing a number or royal guards and searching for a ship on which to sail to safety. The less bloody, and more comical side of Fable III is a welcome change.

Albion citizens, Sam and Max, that were previously seen alive in Fable II is now in spirit form and will bring your character on a fetch quest. Your mission is to bring the Normanomicon to these two ghosts. The journey will take you to Bower Lake where you will encounter townsfolk to chat with, and lots of skeletal Hallowmen to do battle with. A piece of advice though, you might want to use the travel option from the game’s world map.

The speedy jog to the graveyard that houses the mystical book can offer you a better combat experience. The hand-to-hand battle in this phase seems to be smoother than its previous entries as gunplay and spell casting mixes in naturally. In this part of the quest, you will learn sword swinging with X, blocking by holding down X, rolling by tapping A and charging-up finishing moves by pressing down X harder. Though not that graceful, it’s easier to find a rhythm in Fable III. After you get to your destination, you can now snatch up the Normanomicon after kicking off another battle with the Hallowmen and their gang leader. Sure, these undead just burst out of the cloud of dust and pile of bones. Now that the book is already yours, it’s time to return it to Sam and Max. To take the fast travel route, just hit the start button, enter the Virtual Sanctuary, and pull up the map. You’ll be back in Mourningwood Cemetery in two steps. Handing the book back to its rightful owners, Sam and Max will say the magic words that will ensued a ghost party. Yes, ghost do have parties.

Another fetch quest involves Brian, a gnome enthusiast. Obsessed with collecting and dressing like a garden gnome, he’ll explain to you how his surreal passion affected his family life. He cut off his contact with his family to make a change. Boy, this man really needs a makeover! But he’s here to tell lots of stories, so accept the quest if you want him to stop talking. Brian will set your character off, giving you directions to the package’s route that was supposed to be delivered to him. On the way, you will encounter a pack of wolves, but let them be, because they didn’t seem to want to fight you either.

You will find you quest loot in Brightwall and will learn that a group of bandits stopped the shipment. Finishing them with sword and spell are more challenging compare to the Hallowmen. They are good at blocking and had spell casters among them. After acquiring Brian’s stone gargoyle head and returning it to him, a team of garden gnomes will glow mystically and will offer good advice. According to a staff from , this particular side quest would have been a follow-up where the situation will extremely change.

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