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Category: Apple Technology

Yahoo Mail Levels Up for the iPad, the HTML5-Way

Written on August 19, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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A new Yahoo Mail recently got hauled into the iPhone and iPod Touch. Not long after, it also gets hauled into the iPad.

’s webmail platform just leveled up for iDevices with . It came first to the small-screens and , and then that similar version is optimized for ’s larger screen, according to Mail product manager Lee Parry.

While browsing in Safari, get a load of that dual-pane interface for more efficient overview of your inbox. Indulge in rich photo attachments that display on your screen in full form, or preview them right in your inbox. And when you are not in the mood to hook up, local caching still allows you to search your messages. Search your inbox for messages from your most important contacts via Full Search, personal folders or Smart Folders.

Go tap onto your inbox the HTML5-way. We cannot wait to hear of your experience.

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