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Apple’s iTV will Change Everything

Written on August 23, 2010 by Adam Eve

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"This will eventually destroy the television side of the cable and satellite industry, as your only requirement to access these on-demand stations will be an Internet connection. Say goodbye to your monthly cable bill." - Kevin Rose, Digg Founder

Digg Founder, Kevin Rose, just got news from the people inside that the company will release its all-new, powered for $99 this September. Rose believes that the revamped Apple TV will change everything, including the incorporation of TV application for . The iTV will have access to the that enables users to download software that can run on their device. With these, content providers can give iTV owners a “table d’hote” stations.

Another alteration is that this $99 device will make photo and video sharing easier for users. And it can all happen with just a push of a button. Rose also wrote on his blog that Apple’s is the preferred remote control for the iTV. The can let users edit videos, control games and amplify interactive television experience. The Web entrepreneur also mentioned to keep an eye on ’s own set-top box. The search giant’s -powered TV is set to launch this fall.

What product do you think will make it a hot space for 2011? Will you go for Apple iTV or Google’s ? Don’t forget to tell us your preferences by leaving a comment.

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