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Baking Life’s Back to School Decors

Written on August 23, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Baking Life is giving us a wide variety of decors as we welcome the new school year.

It became a rampant game and everyone just love it. , is now the fastest growing online game on .

Our favorite game has released a Back To School decor. And these are only available for 12 whole days. Just enough to buy the items and get ready for the new year at school. The items are both available for Facebook Credits and coins. The spenders and the savers will find something hard to resist. The list of the new items are as follows:

School Desk: Bubblegum – 16 Facebook Credits
School Desk: Boo Berry – 16 Facebook Credits
School Desk: Citrus – 13 Facebook Credits
School Desk: Cherry – 16 Facebook Credits
School Desk: Creamsicle – 13 Facebook Credits
School Desk: Eggshell – 15 Facebook Credits
School Desk: Mint – 13 Facebook Credits
School Desk: Raspberry – 17 Facebook Credits
School Chair: Bubblegum – 5700 coins
School Chair: Boo Berry – 5700 coins
School Chair: Citrus – 5175 coins
School Chair: Cherry – 5700 coins
School Chair: Creamsicle – 5175 coins
School Chair: Eggshell – 5525 coins
School Chair: Mint – 5350 coins
School Chair: Raspberry – 5875 coins
Alphabet Poster: 10,000 coins
Chalkboard: 9 Facebook Credits

Better start thinking what  to decorate your bakeshop now.

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