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Go Underwater with Google Earth for Android

Written on August 24, 2010 by Adam Eve

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The earth is composed of 75 percent water, and 25 percent land. But Google Earth only show the surface of the planet. Well, not anymore! Because you can have your submarine experience with Google's Earth for Android.

Experience a variety of submarine exploring with Earth for ! The latest Earth for 1.1 enables user to delve unto the depths of the ocean. Earlier this year, Google’s partnership with Ocean Showcase materialized. It’s a new feature that highlights surf spots, shipwrecks, marine research and more. With for ’s component, you can check out the landscape and terrain of Monterey Bay Canyon, for instance, by zooming in on Google Earth just off the coast. Once below the ocean surface, you can look around and tilt the view to see the extent of the undersea paradise. And good news to Froyo 2.2 owners! Google Earth supports Flash in balloons, meaning it enables you to view videos from within the app. For some devices, you can use the two-finger navigation to “look around.”

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