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Google Enables Phone Calls on Gmail

Written on August 25, 2010 by R. Cruise

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Skype and other Web-based VOIP programs has a new competitor in the name of Gmail Inbox voice calls.

is currently testing a Web-based service inside the Inbox that will permit users to make phone calls straight from their accounts. Look into your Google Chat window on the lower left-hand corner and you can now either place or receive calls from the people on your contacts. The UI of this new feature is similar to .

For quite some time now, Google has been making efforts to make voice communication  work. Years ago, Google Talk was launched which transcribes voice mails and provide users with a single phone number which can make calls to several phone units.

This new feature is entirely different from Google Voice for the reason that it is a Web-based VOIP client. There is a bit of confusion since the icons used in Google Voice are also used for this one. But unlike Google Voice, the user just need to have an active email account to be able to make calls. There will be no charges for calls made in the US and Canada.

According to a Google representative, “Google is always testing new features and products, but we have nothing specific to announce right now.”

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