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Category: Mobile Technology

Same Roots for Aero and Streak, But Different Ends

Written on August 25, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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Like parents that boo-booed the perfect first baby, Dell came up with a second--the Dell Aero. But winging into the market as the PC company's first smartphone, it is presented not as a sibling but a first cousin to the shortfall hybrid Dell Streak.

Definitely without the trappings, the edges itself into a market undergoing an overly-induced growth spurt that makes it harder to compete. The question for any new smartphone at the entrance: Where does the difference lie?

’s device starts with the right price: a unit costing $99 for a 2-year contract with AT&T. It sells for $299 on the website, the only current store location for Aeros. Not only does it cost less, it weighs less than most rivals.

Remaining specs fall under the standard smartphone facts category. It displays a 3.5-inch display, features a 5-megapixel camera with 8x zoom and provides a microSD slot. The version which the Aero is running remains undisclosed.

Going back to its first cousin, falls short in straddling between two worlds. Its promise of delivering “thousands of Android Market widgets, games and applications, all without squinting or compromising portability” turned into dust in the wind.

Critics blew at the ’s lack of an accommodative design to deliver what it perfectly defined in theory. Reviewer Walt Mossberg said, “…few Android apps I tested seemed to crowd all their icons into just a portion of the ’s screen, especially when the device was held vertically, leaving lots of white space.” This kind of blow-up is the least we are expecting now of the smartphone Aero.

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