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6 New Mac Apps and Courier for Designers and Developers

Written on August 26, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Apps like Coda, CSSEdit, TextMate, Acorn, Pixelmator and LittleSnapper are just some of the many apps we love to use when designing or developing projects for the web. Check out the 6 newest Mac Apps that you will surely like!

For many developers and designers, Mac OS X is a popular platform because of its power to combine BSD and other UNIX and UNIX-like systems. Mac OS X includes Apache, PHP, Python, Ruby and Subversion, making it easy to turn a Mac into a local test server. There is also a community of talented developers for Mac OS X, that create apps we love to use when designing or developing projects on the web. And here are the list of new that is loved by many developers and designers of varying stripes:

1. 3 (£ 69.99 – new user, £ 34.99 – upgrades)

This fantastic website design program created by The Escapers is like DreamWeaver re-imagined. It provides visuals and code-based approach, plus support for plug-ins, code snippets, HTML5, HTML5 video, ePub, WebKit transforms and Font API. The version 3.0 of Flux can be navigated visually or as hard code.

2. (Free)

The Git, designed for terminal merge change, is supper simple and very lightweight. It is a single-window client that makes viewing branches easier, and committing, pulling, pushing and merging all of it in a single click.

3. (€29)

If you’re working on a web coding and you need to view the changes between two versions of the same file, Kaleidoscope can work for you. A creation of Made By Sofa, Kaleidoscope is a file comparison app that can analyze not just text files or code blocks, but also images. It supports multiple image formats, syntax highlighting and searching, and multiple layouts. This lightning fast app can be integrated with Mercurial, Subversion and Git via command line or drag-and-drop.

4. (Free Beta)

Xmplify is suitable for developers and designers that work with a lot of XML. It makes XML and XSLT file editing less cumbersome. The XSLT program has Web Preview features, and search queries using XPath or regular expressions.

5. (Free)

Loremify is a Dashboard Widget that automatically generates Lorem Ipsum text in length and style you indicated. This can be useful, especially when you need filler text blocks while creating a design. You can also insert HTML tags in the generator intentionally, making it easier when designing in a text editor or browser.

6. ($20)

To create more flexible and great-looking web layouts, many web designers are using grids. Applying and changing grids to your designs anywhere on Mac can be done through Slammer. It is an interactive virtual blueprint maker used for web designs. An overlay for documents, images, previews, web pages and many others, you can customize your grid to see how your contents align. If you’re not a fan of using pre-made templates, you can export your own templates as a JSON file and incorporate it with your designs.

Bonus: Courier

Though it won’t be available in a week or so, Courier can be another appealing Mac application for many developers and designers. You can watch the video below to see this awesome creation of Realmac Software.

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