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Summon the Necromancer in Guild Wars 2

Written on August 26, 2010 by Adam Eve

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"The great thing about minions is that they never last long enough to work up a horrid stench!" That's definitely a creepy line from a Necromancer. Check out what a Necromancer on Guild Wars 2 can do!

officially revealed the class for their Guild Wars 2. What’s cool about being a part of this class is the Life Force — a special power that they can collect through items, nearby deaths and some . They use this Life Force to enter Death Shroud state whenever their health hits zero. The Death Shroud is a usable, special ability that helps the Necromancer assume a spectral form. It’s very nifty as the screen goes black and a set of becomes available. Definitely, you will love being a Necromancer in Guild Wars 2.

What is a Necromancer?

Technically, a Necromancer is someone who practices dark arts and summons the dead to do his bidding. They feed on life force to extend his own life or bring back allies from the brink. For combative outfits, the Necromancer can choose among the following weapons:

  • * Main Hand: Axe, Dagger, Scepter
  • * Off Hand: Dagger, Focus, Warhorn
  • * Two-Handed: Staff

A Unique Set of Special Skills

1. Wells: They are persistent spells that allows a Necromancer to control everything within his skill’s range. But it can only take effect one Well at a time.

2. Minions: They are summoned by the Necromancer to attack foes . Every minion has an associated secondary spells that appears after being summoned.

3. Marks: A ground-targeted spell placed by a Necromancer with a variety of effects to its enemies and allies nearby.

4. Fear: A condition not available for any other profession, Fear makes the enemy flee away from a Necromancer for a period of time.

More skills can be seen by watching the videos below.


Bone Minions + Putrid Explosion

Grasping Dead

Locust Swarm

Life Siphon

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