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Netflix Streams via Apple’s ‘Small’ Screen

Written on August 27, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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Particularly on the and the , shares the mobile film and TV show experience to users through a free app. But at the outset, let us be clear. Starting yesterday, owners can download the no-cost from the iTunes, but Netflix membership is needed for streaming videos and television programs, which starts at $9/month.

Only a Wi-Fi or 3G connection is needed to start rolling with the iPhone’s, or iPod Touch’s, Netflix.

Some guys from Wired has got a first-hand experience right away, like Van Buskirk who concludes his first try a success. He shares:

“We watched a full-length film over the iPhone’s 3G connection – Silent Running, if you must know. There were no hiccups – in the New York metropolitan area to boot. Battery drain is about the same no matter what you are doing on the iPhone, though the connection type and screen brightness can affect battery life. We seldom use the iPhone for 89 minutes straight, and in this case, lost about half of our battery charge.”

In a season of expansion and competition, as other video streaming services like HBO GO and Hulu come into scene, Netflix has struck a deal with Universal and Twentieth Century Fox in April. Netflix is delaying the availability of new releases in exchange for more movie provision from the two giant studios. Now, iPhone users, this means more choices for you from the Netflix movie library.

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