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On Improving Xbox Audio Quality

Written on August 28, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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Expect polished audio from overhauled Xbox 360 headsets this Fall.

At the Edinburgh Interactive Festival yesterday afternoon, the head of Live Studios, Jerry Johnson, discussed how the refresh will upgrade the that gamers are using to interact with one another during online play. He said their focus will be on the ’s codec and audio infrastructure.

As he pointed out, “The codec we used when we first launched was a low bit rate codec and we stuck with that.

“We launched and we said we required broadband. We required a 64k connection, which not many people think of as broadband any longer. But that was the minimum requirement to run the service at the time.

“It’s time for us to move on. Especially if we want to think about broadening – a crackly headset on the top of your head – not what people think of when they talk about popular entertainment.”

The November 2002 launch of brought along the introduction of voice communication to the gaming device. But it has been since the focus of complaints from gamers, especially those who would like to hear or have every word heard in every game.

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