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Category: Internet Technology

Google and Arcade Fire Craft Together an HTML5 Experience

Written on August 31, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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Still unsure of what to call it with, but the Arcade Fire-Google collaborative project nonetheless has a lure and flair for the artistic.

With a blend of melancholy, the “,” as calls it, renders a multiple browser opening with an soundtrack: “.” Real maps, custom canvas and the viewer’s childhood address all synchronized to the song. The viewer can scrawl a message to their younger selves. The web browser has turned into an artistic medium itself.

This makes for a two-way communication. The viewer and the can weave a connection through this unusual web experience. It employs “open web technologies, including HTML5 video, audio, and canvas,” as described by the project’s launching site.

This HTML5 “experience” works on different levels. Windows will open and close in coordination with the song’s lyrics, which are an accolade to the analog days of letter-writing and snail mails, speculating about a future that is devoid of the electronic haven we have created today.

This neat demo also allows for sharing. Others can also view your customized video version as well as the letter you wrote to yourself. What is more interesting is you can let them into your message and a sense of your childhood, as the flick starts with your childhood home as the setting (if it can be found in Google Street View).

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  • Shee

    I want to try this one! :)

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