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How About Standard Ratings for Gadgets?

Written on August 31, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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Collect, compare, eliminate--out to shop in an electronics hub, a consumer is likely to evaluate gadgets in this dynamics. Each buyer has a preference set for every acquisition. But in a decade of abounding electronics, standard ratings can bring forth knowledge and clarity to their mindset.

The “green” factor, say, has become major consideration for manufacturers, but how can consumers tell which are actually energy-efficient and which are plain hype? A real, digestible data on their environmental impact can dust the cobwebs out of the mind. A standard list of considerations can include power consumption, materials used, supply chain, durability and level of being disposable.

We already have existing terms and standards to serve as guideposts. An sticker has been giving us a helpful hint that our gadgets are sucking energy a little less than they could. “Vampire draw” is a layman’s way of saying they are silently sucking up energy when plugged in but idle.

Other things a third party can test out along the standard lines are battery life, benchmarks, power on and shut down times, display, wireless reception and noise. The main concern for pushing uni-coded sets of ratings for every kind of devices, is to gain fair reports from companies and informed choices for customers. In this case, everybody wins.

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