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[Review] HTC EVO 4G on Sprint Network

Written on August 31, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Being one of the few "superphone" that hit the market, HTC EVO 4G makes many consumers wonder if this can be the best that money can buy. Is it? Only one way to find out.

The , powered with , just hit the market recently and it might just be the best of them all. Once you got the EVO 4G on your hand, you might say “wow” out loud. As a first impression, we can say that the EVO is what the future of mobile phones should be. But the question is, is this one of the few members of the ”superphone” is the best that money can buy? One way to find out is to continue reading.


The main attraction of the EVO is its 4.3-inch display. Sporting a 480 x 800 pixels, the phone is exceptional in viewing , watching videos, playing games and surfing the net. Those with bigger hands will also love the increased size of virtual keys on the touch-screen keyboard. Measuring at 4.80″ x 2.60″ x 0.50″, EVO features a beastly design with some weight to it, but still feels close to perfect as it can be. It also has a 8 megapixel camera, that shoots 720p video with dual LED flash and autofocus. You can also play video content to a HDTV with the help of its HDMI-out port. A cute little kickstand is also cleverly integrated, as it enables you to enjoy media in a landscape orientation.

However, there are still some few hiccups associated with EVO’s hardware. For one, the size of the buttons on the side makes it hard to locate and press, especially if it’s in a rubberized case. And for someone who likes to take photos of everything, the lack of shutter can be a disappointment. The battery life also rarely went the distance, even though the phone was used modestly throughout the day.


On the other hand, HTC EVO 4G’s combination of ’s Android and HTC’s Sense UI makes the hardware shine. Everything runs smooth with the help of 1GHz Texas instruments OMAP processor and 512MB RAM. The Maps is the most useful application in the phone, making your EVO a GPS Navigation device. And because of dedicated video graphics, YouTube displays high quality video and games come with a beautiful 3D. Another pre-installed application that is worth noting is Qik. Qik enables users to stream videos from their phone to the Web and make video calls with other users. If you got a decent signal, calling will never be an issue and your voice quality is indeed clear. You will only have problems with call quality if you live in a remote area. As for the 4G coverage, speeds and functionality, it is solid and holding its own. Overall, the software side of HTC EVO 4G depicts that it can be a great alternative for an iPhone 4.

The Verdict

If we can describe HTC EVO 4G in our own words, we can say that it is a mobile computer. It offers a perfect screen size to typed on and view your media needs. It almost like a computer at the palm of you hands, if only it has longer battery life and better network to run on. So as it stands, HTC EVO 4G is certainly the best “superphone” that money can buy today.

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