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Category: Gadgets Technology

New Display Tech: Bigger and Better Than Retina

Written on September 01, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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Apple parlays its retina display in the iPhone 4, a screen bursting with tiny pixels that the naked eye could not identify. But such pixel density is not unbeatable to the guys of the University of Michigan.

Researchers from the university say they can make simpler screens–more efficient with the backlight and easier to stack–by an order of magnitude. Introducing , a that employs the polarizer as the color filter, as compared to the multiple glass layers, metal polarizers and filter sheets stacked in a .

The technology works a little like the rainbow, only the refracted light should go through nano-thin metal grates rather than raindrops. When spacing between the grates vary, white light appears in various colors.

This kind of display has tremendous energy-saving potential. Only 5% of the backlight actually reaches our eyes, according to Michigan engineering professor-expert Jay Guo. The technology then can bring forth optical chip-to-chip or fiberoptics minuns the fiber communications, and can be used to create high-efficiency and high resolution projectors, as well as fluid color screens.

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