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Apple’s September 2010 Press Event Insider

Written on September 02, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Did you missed the latest Apple press event? Now, get a grip and stop whining, because we got it all here. Read on to know the company's latest product and updates.

Last July, Apple opened their gates to talk about the iPhone 4 issue. But today, people crammed their way to San Francisco to see the what’s in store for the company’s annual product announcement. The event starts at 10:00 am PT, but the guys of Cupertino were already in the venue since 4:00 am. Now, that’s pretty intense! Broadcast people, with their big cameras, went in first, followed by the writers while The Beatles’ song fills the air. Does that mean that The Beatles is on ? Well, that’s out of the question. A couple of minutes and Alanis Morissette song after, the lights started to dim, then Steve Jobs takes the stage, getting a large cheer from the audience.

Steve Wozniak, Jobs’ partner in crime for the day, also took the stage and initially talked about the Apple Retail. Indeed, the company has opened some amazing stores lately: the first one in Paris, and they’re opening another store in Shanghai, China, and a third store in the very heart of London that marks their 300th retail. In addition to that, Apple Retail is already in ten countries, namely US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Australia and China.

After the Retail update, Woz talked about the iOS that made iPhone, iTouch and possible. With 120 million iOS devices shipped so far, 230,000 users are activating their platform, and 200 apps are downloaded every second. But all the bug reports that they’re getting about are now fixed with the latest iOS 4.1. Aside from the bug fixes and iOS update that will be available for iPod Touch and iPhone next week, they also introduced the High Dynamic Range (HDR) , the ability to upload HD video over WiFi, TV Show Rentals and Game Center. Most of the times, images get washed out with light. But with HDR, you can produce an amazing photo as it actually takes three images in rapid succession, and combines them. Another thing that the company built is the Game Center, that is both APIs for game developers and an App. It’s all about multi-player game and challenging friends. And to rub it in even more, it’ll auto-match you if you don’t have any pals. After that, Jobs gave a sneak peek of iOS 4.2 that will hit the iPad later this year, and the Wireless Printing for iPad. Next is the AirTunes. The company changed the name from AirTunes to AirPlay, that enables users to stream music, and or videos on your iPad over WiFi. Though not all devices will be supported, iOS 4.2 will be out this November for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Again: 4.1 will be out next week, and 4.2 on November.

Now, on to iPods. This year, iPod just gone wild as the company made their biggest change in design on every models. First up: the iPod Shuffle. The newest model got the button and design of a second generation, and voice-over function of a third generation. It has 15 hours of battery life, and comes in five colors (silver, blue, pink, green and orange), for as low as $49 for a 2GB. Next is the iPod Nano. The clickwheel was replaced with a tiny, multi-touch screen, has 24 hours battery life, built-in FM radio, clock and photo app. The device runs in an iOS and costs $ 149 for the 4GB and $ 179 for the 8GB. Last on the list is the iPod Touch: The iPhone without a phone, or a phone without a contract. It’s thinner, with Retina Display, 326 pixels per inch, 24-bit color, LED, Apple A4 Chip, 3-axis Gyro, iOS 4.1 with Game Center, front facing camera with FaceTime and rear camera with HD video recording. Wow, that’s a lot! The 8GB model will go for $ 229, the 32GB will costs $ 299 and the 64GB is $ 399. And all of the new iPods will be available next week.

After the iPods come the iTunes 10 that will be available today. With no CD for the new logo, all song list were cleaned up. It got a New Discovery feature and a social network for music called Ping. Ping is immediately open to 160 million iTunes users, and will not just be available on your computer, it will also take your iPhone and iPod Touch.

We’ve got the iPods and the iTunes, which leaves us to… AppleTV. Though not a big hit since it was introduced last September 2006, the company learned that: Users want Hollywood movies and TV shows in HD, with lower price, no computer, no storage, silent, cool and small. So the new is 1/4 in size of its predecessor; with power supply, HDMI, Ethernet and optical Audio at the back; built-in WiFi 802.11 inches and just a cord to the wall. What’s best is that users will not store things, they’ll just rent them! First-run movies will be $4.99 and HD TV now costs 99 cents. The will support Netflix and YouTube streaming, plus photos from Flickr and MobileMe. And it’s now made affordable for only $99.

After Chris Martin of Coldplay takes the stage to play the piano version of Yellow, Steve wrapped the event. So we will have the new line up of iPods, the new iTunes and the Apple TV. Now that it is all out, what are you going to grab at the Apple Store?

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