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iTunes Ping: Social Network for Music

Written on September 02, 2010 by R. Cruise

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Move over competitors, iTunes 10 Ping is the new social network to rule the scene.

’s has a bonus feature called , a venue for music fans of every genre. The sets simple rules: follow your favorite artist, know what’s on your friends’ play lists and be updated with the latest buzz in the music scene.

Being a true fan is about knowing the fresh tidbits about your favorite music icon. With just a click on Ping, you can be part of the inner groupie which adores your idol as well.

Be on the cue about the concerts, performances, and music videos of your favorite artists. Find out the music they listen to and try listening to few of their recommendations.

Moreover, a fun experience to have is to discover new music together with your friends. Know more about their musical tastes by taking a peek on their profile pages. Follow them by clicking the tab beside the profile picture.

And why not go to a concert event with your friends? See the artists playing in your area, invite your friends and buy tickets from Live Nation. Do all this on your iPhone or iPod touch.

To make all things easy for you, go to the Recent Activity feed in Ping and see the overview of what’s happening either on your group of friends or the music industry.

All in one page, know what people are listening to and talking about, the most popular songs on the music charts, or the fresh releases from your favorite artists.

Ping is created into the iTunes app on iPhone and iPod touch. This way, you can check the an artist’s or friend’s update anytime, anywhere.

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