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The Perfect Mix of the All-New iPod Shuffle

Written on September 02, 2010 by Charles Bass

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If you are addicted to music, then here is one thing you should buy.

always make it a point to create something sleek, beautiful and wearable just like the . Making it the, “the new, colorful, clip-and-go shuffle. With buttons, Voice Over, and playlists, it’s the very best of shuffle.”

The aluminum covered player comes in 5 brilliant shades to match your favorite color. It is also equipped with a 2GB storage capacity that lets you play hundreds of songs. Tagging along a 15 hour battery life, surely you wouldn’t ask for more. Making a fully loaded playlist is easier just like Genius Mixes, podcasts and even audio books. Just clip it on your sleeve and you are ready to go.

Controlling music is easier with just a tap and a click. The body of this new Apple “baby” is bigger than the previous one and is more easier to control. Plus a voice over with 25 different languages that lets you know the track, artist and album you are playing.

But there is more to look forward to. Genius is here for Shuffle. Yes, it is working like a shuffle. Activate the Genius button on your Mac or PC then it automatically scribbles the playlist and slects songs that suits your preference.

With the new line of Apple, we are so sure that sales would skyrocket. The $49 is really worth it.

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